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N     A     R     A     K
Blackwork Artist from South Korea
7 years exprience in tattooing
Have a bachelor's degree in Art & Design
Private workspace

Based in Birmingham UK 

W     O     R     K       S     C     H     E     D     U     L     E

Open 11am-6pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday 

Other times can be arranged depending on availability
It's my working time based on Birmingham
It can vary on other cities or studios


Please check my location in the schedule below
It will be updated whenever it is scheduled


20 - 26th, February
‌London, UK

12 - 15th, April
Worcester, UK

 18 - 27th, May
‌London, UK

19 - 20th, July



Seoul, South Korea

BERLIN, Germany

-  Past Schedule  -

Apr - 10th May   Northampton, UK
11st May - 31st May   
London, UK
Jun - 20th Jul   
Birmingham, UK
Seoul, South Korea

Feb   Seoul, South Korea
Mid Mar - Aug   
Birmingham, UK
Sep - Nov   
Seoul, South Korea
Birmingham, UK
May   Middlesbrough, UK
 July   Worcester, UK
August   Middlesbrough, UK
October   London, UK
‌November   Nottingham, UK

N     O     T     I     C     E
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W     O     R     K     S

" Add a spoon of cruelty to the fancy stuff "

(Not sorted chronologically)

F     A     Q 
 FAQ 01


How to book?
1. Please send the inquiry form via email or website.
* You will receive the reply within 1-3 days.  Me and Soo are trying to reply to all inquiry quickly, but sometimes it can be delayed or omitted. If you don't get a reply, you can contact me again.
2. Consultation and Scheduling
* If you send me enough information to predict, we can estimate the total cost and time. You can present the possible dates, or I will suggest them. If you are considering a future appointment (ex: 5 months later), please contact me later. Usually you can see the months that are currently available for booking on my Instagram.
3. Sending the deposit (Non-refundable)
* The proposed date for appointment is not valid until the deposit is deposited. Please understand  (that sometimes if the consultation term is delayed, other customers would be able to take the slot first. 
4. Confirmation of the appointment
* After you send me the name of the depositor and screenshot after remittance, the booking will be completed. Please make sure to check the relevant guidelines. 
How to pay?
‌I usually receive payments through cash or bank transfer. I don't receive payments through PayPal or credit cards. (But when I work in other studios or conventions, the guidelines may be different.) 
Please arrange the payment in advance as it is impossible to pay afterwards.
‌Under 18
I don't tattoo adolescents under the age of 18 even with parental consent. hopefully we can meet after you become adults. :)
Studio Address
‌My studio is a private space, so I'm giving my customers the exact address only after booking. If you need it for your travel plan, I can let you know the postcode. 

  FAQ # 02


The flash that I want is already reserved.
No problem, I can make a new design of the same style for you if you want.:)  

Can you draw a design for the idea during consultation?
I don't do any design before the booking is actually made. 

When can I see my design? 
I don't share the design with the customer before the appointment. Why? There is a two reason. Firstly, many people back out or want dozens of changes. Doing it the day of prevents a lot of this and makes drawing what the client wants much easier. ​Secondly, I work average of 4-5 days a week. The remaining days are devoted to design. When I have a time, I work on the design of the nearest work first. Otherwise I can't manage my work properly.
Can lask to change the design?
In order to minimize the possibility and scope of design modification, please be clear about what you want your tattoo to look like when you send in your booking request and provide clear reference images for inspiration. If it need a lot of modifications, it is clearly something wrong with the preliminary guidelines and direction of our conversation. Please don't ask me multiple proposals designs, or don't tell me "you have complete freedom" and then make a lot of corrections. I'm more likely to reject the modification of the design. Also the work itself can be cancelled if the customer request a lot of changes for the design during the session. (The deposit is non-refundable.)

‌This is how most tattoo artists work as the client usually sees and likes our work style. Don't worry too much. Honestly if you sought me out because you liked my work chances are that you will like what I give you. If not you'd likely just have to recollaborate and then reschedule so you end up getting something you love :)
 FAQ # 03


Sometimes there are customers who need to control everything in the detail, or on the contrary, want to prepare multiple random designs until they are satisfied because they don't know what they want clearly. Since I don't work that way, I recommend them to contact other good artists.

While working, I add details on the spot or modify the shape with a freehand. Sometimes I ask the customer in advance, but I often do it on my own judgment.

I basically aim to work in a Auteur's way. Most customers leave everything to me. I'll have enough conversations with customers in advance and accept their opinions, but If there is anything you want to reflect on the work, send it clearly and concisely. Please understand that I'm trying to stick to my style throughout the work.

 FAQ # 04


I'm using The Second Skin after tattooing. All my works will be wrapped with it, and my instructions document are provided. Other guidelines are provided to customers who do not want to use the second skin.

Touch up
If you kept followed the instructions, but If you need a touch-up, please contact me. I will give you a complimentary touch up. (It recommended to receive at least 3 months after the date of work.)
‌Please refer to the quotation and link below.

" Touching up a tattoo is pretty commonplace, even when your original tattoo is done by a highly reputable tattoo artist in a very legit studio. A touch up essentially is tattooing again over your existing tattoo. Although not all tattoos need a touch-up, these are a few telltale signs that yours might need some TLC:

* Small imperfections appear during the initial healing stage

* Your tattoo looks watered down or washed out
* Your tattoo has faded 

* Your tattoo has some patches of colour variations or small gaps are visible in the design 
* The lines are not as clean or sharp as they were Some wise advice that will never get old

—your tattoo artist’s instructions for aftercare are legitimately one of the best guarantees for a great looking tattoo. "

‌:: Source of information

Inquiry Form
To serve you better and quicker, please inquire me with any details.
‌If there is an error on my website, please refer to this Inquiry Form and fill out your details and send it to my email. ( naraktattoo@gmail.com )


Full name (Legal name)


It requires that a person be at least 18 years of age in order legally to get a tattoo.

City & Country

Where you're going to get tattoo from me

Contact Number


I will reply to this address. Please double check if the email address you filled is correct.

Exact Placement and Size

ex. The half sleeve on upper arm, the inner part of the right calf, maximum range possible, cm, Inch...


Multiple choices available

Skin Tone


ex. Design, your ideas, subject matter, colour or B&G, reference photos...

Reference Photos

No attachments found.

Available time for work

Your preferred dates and time (not required)

G     E     T       I     N       T     O     U     C     H


Tattoodo @naraktattoo
Instagram @narak.tat
Facebook @naraktattoo